Episode 40
Round Table: What Does Temecula Need for Teens?

Episode 39
Teen Radio Temecula Teen Game Show at the Temecula Public Library

Episode 38
Round Table: Dream Vacation

Episode 37
Round Table: The Vault!

Episode 36
Round Table: Summer Movie Preview

Episode 34
In Studio Guest, Reality Rally Organizer, Gillian Larson

Episode 33
Variety Show

Episode 32
Christmas Game Show

Episode 31
Round Table: Holiday Happenings

Episode 30
Teen Radio Temecula Teen Game Show at the Community Recreation Center in Temecula

Episode 29
Round Table: Guilty Pleasures

Episode 28
In Studio Guest, Jerome Mikulich

Episode 27
TRT Summer Camp Variety Show

Episode 26
The TRT game show "You Only Answer Once (YOAO)" recorded live from the Grace Mellman Library in Temecula

Episode 25
At the Reality Rally with Survivor winner Bob Crowley, local residents Andrea & Cory Maue from Cupcake Wars,
Jerry Garrison from The OCD Project, I Love New York's Mat Levy, and our X-Factor friends, The Brewer Boys

Episode 24
At the Reality Rally with Big Brother favorite Adam Poch, Survivor favorite Christina Cha,
Survivor player and expert Rob Cesternino, and Amazing Race winner, Eric Sanchez

Episode 23
At the Reality Rally with Survivor winner Kim Spradlin, guitarist from Warrant, Erik Turner,
Survivor contestant Nina Acosta, and Survivor "villian" Jerri Manthey

Episode 22
At the Reality Rally with Survivor favorite Phillip Sheppard, Big Brother winner Hayden Moss,
from SoCal Surf Dogs, Peter Noll & Nani, local X-Factor contestant Trevor Moran, and Survivor winner Richard Hatch

Episode 20
In Studio Guests, The Brewer Boys

Episode 19
Returning In Studio Guest, Survivor Gabon contestant Gillian Larson

Episode 18
Round Table: New Year's Resolutions

Episode 17
Remote Broadcast: 2012 Santa's Electric Light Parade

Episode 16
Round Table: The Holidays

Episode 15
In Studio Guest, Survivor Gabon contestant Gillian Larson

Episode 14
LIve Show - Horses, Black Butler, Fast Food Feud, Driving Lessons & Live Tunes!

Episode 13
Round Table: Halloween

Episode 12
In Studio Guest, blogger Tara Schiller

Episode 11
LIve Show - Video Consoles & Music Reviews

Episode 10
Round Table: Teen Presidential Candidates

Intersession 02

Episode 09
In Studio Guest, John Kelly from Improv Group PRN

Episode 08
Live Show - Know Your Noob, Entertainment Roundup, Fun Facts About Maine & More!

Episode 07
Round Table: Good & Bad Vacations

Episode 06
The Reporter Game

Episode 05
First Live Show

Episode 04
Draw Something Review, The Hunger Games, NFL Roundup

Episode 03
Round Table: The Hunger Games Scenario

Intersession 01

Episode 02
Round Table - R-Rated Movies

Episode 01
Movie Reviews, In-N-Out, Sonic Games, 49ers Roundup



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